Infrastructure Investments

During the past year, our infrastructure investments included the installation of a 2.5MW natural gas fired generator which will only operate during peak power times.  This $2.6M investment is expected to pay for itself in about seven years by avoiding high costs of power during ISO New England peak periods.

Other projects included circuit improvements on Hope & Shield Streets, the installation of energy efficient LED Street Lights through grant money from the Commonwealth and the replacement of all the meters at Gilbert Street substation to “Time of Use” meters to validate energy flows.  We also continue to expand our fiber interconnection infrastructure to improve other Town department services.

Our outlook for next year includes a major capital project to replace two 30+ year substation transformers, the installation of fiber-optic interconnection of field recloser and capacitor banks, the integration of ‘fault indicators’ to our SCADA system, and the installation of various circuit ties across railroad points to improve system reliability.



Completed Projects